The Big Business of DD

There was an article on the front page of the New York Times recently that tapped into a part of the big business that has engulfed disability. This one is about how the drug companies and hysteria have combined to create an epidemic of ADHD diagnoses to, I believe, the great detriment of the young people being so rashly labeled, their families and, quite frankly, the individuals who are struggling with legitimate, serious symptoms of ADHD, their families and the rest of us who are trying ... Read more

How Far is Too Far

There was a news story this week about the challenges high schools have in working to include students with disabilities in extracurricular sports activities. Oscar Pretorius put the issue of athletes with ... Read more


Overreaction  against people with Autism from the terrible shootings in Newton Connecticut. It is an understandable concern given the prominence given in early media reports to the shooter’s supposed Asperger’s syndrome. It is right for those who have developmental disabilities and those who live and work with them to be on guard against stereotyping fears and other misconceptions. Using broad labels to characterize individuals is always a bad idea. In emotionally charged situations ... Read more

A Week of Remembrance

Earlier this week we all remembered the tragedy of Sept. 11 2001. This horrific day affected everyone across the country. We are still occupying Afghanistan to prevent factions with similar designs of the United States from reestablishing a national foothold to support their terror. It is also a time of painful remembrance for those who knew people killed in those attacks. Our community remembers Colleen Fraser. Colleen was chair of the Council on Developmental Disabilities when I ... Read more