The NJCDD defines a Cultural Liaison as an individual from a diverse background within the I/DD community who utilizes their own network of community contacts and resources such as family/friends, religious institutions/ faith-based places of worship, school/college/trade school, employment/volunteer, memberships/associations, and leagues/clubs AND connects their network to the NJCDD and other resources for information related to disability services and supports.

Job duties/responsibilities:

  • Helps link individuals and families with supportive resources and services through the NJCDD and DD Act Partners
  • Supports individuals and families in the community by sharing information and identify linkages using lived experiences
  • Assists the NJCDD in connecting with diverse communities and stakeholders and helps identify any barriers in accessing these communities and/or the needed services or information
  • Shares knowledge of positive as well as negative experiences in connections with NJCDD and/or accessing or receiving services

Cultural Liaisons will coordinate outreach with NJCDD’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant and complete Activity Reports that track results.

NJCDD will contact candidates after completion of the survey application. There are a limited number of Cultural Liaison positions available at this time.

NJCDD will compensate candidates at $22.00/hour and reimbursement for authorized travel reimbursement at the State of NJ approved mileage rate, currently .47 cents a mile.


Jade Pollock- for further questions or information