One of the ways the NJCDD works to promote the goals and objectives in its five-year plan is by offering grants to organizations and programs that are true innovators in providing services to people with developmental disabilities. Each fiscal year, the Council accepts proposals from qualified applicants. Once proposals are evaluated, they may be awarded on single or multi-year periods.

The following is a list of the programs and organizations that are currently receiving grants from the NJCDD.


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The Arc of NJ

RFP 3.3: Providing Information and Technical Assistance that align with Employment First

Following a comprehensive and robust review process, the NJCDD has issued a contract , effective June 1, 2022 for the amount of $75,188.00, to The Arc of NJ for its proposal to carry out work related to NJCDD goal 3.3: “Provide information and technical assistance designed to empower students, families and stakeholders in identifying and delivering education and transition services that align with Employment First, and that can lead to competitive, integrated employment and/or independent living options, with an emphasis on supporting those in urban and rural schools.”

Community Options, Inc.

RFP 1.1 Leadership Training Opportunities Development

NJCDD awarded Community Options, Inc. a $300,000 grant over three years effective 1/1/22 and $100,000 in 2023 to develop a Leadership Academy for Civic Engagement and Self-Advocacy.The project will build a new generation of self-advocacy by creating leadership and training opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), including youth. Community Options will identify a diverse group of participants who can address issues related to intersectionality of disability, race, and sexuality.

LeDerick Horne Speaks

RFP 1.3 Increasing Access to Information for Black NJ Residents

NJCDD has approved a two-year $248,676 award effective 1/1/22-12/31/2023 to LeDerick Horne Speaks. LeDerick Horne Speaks and Bill Davis who are committed to increasing access to information and services for Black New Jersey residents with I/DD and their families. LeDerick Horne Speaks’ approach will expand the range and comprehensiveness of the Council’s ability to empower Black communities by providing information that enhances access to information and services. They will develop and facilitate the NJ Black I/DD Consortium including members from organizations, school districts and local advocates. The Consortium will guide the development of strategies to access information that maximizes academic, employment and quality life outcomes for Black NJ residents with I/DD and their families.

SPAN Parent Advocacy Network

RFP 3.1 Improving Diversity, Equity and Cultural Competency and Linguistic Responsiveness at NJCDD

NJCDD has approved a $125,000 award effective 1/1/22 to SPAN Parent Advocacy Network with an added extension for $30,000 in 2023. SPAN will increase the access to information and supports for people with I/DD and their families from underserved communities. NJCDD will have a clear understanding of the meaning of diversity, equity, cultural competence, and linguistic responsiveness (DECCLR). SPAN will develop a strong, achievable plan to build on NJCDD’s strengths and address its needs in achieving DECCLR for NJ’s underserved people with I/DD and their families. NJCDD will also expand the number, depth, and breadth of its partnerships with relevant community-based organizations effectively serving NJ’s diverse communities.

Values Into Action

RFP 3.4 Support projects to expand the capacity of New Jersey’s system of community-based housing and supports to serve those with complex medical and behavioral needs, including those who are aging.

Following a comprehensive and robust review process, the NJCDD has voted to make an award to Values Into Action, PA for its proposal to carry out work related to NJCDD Goal 3.4: “Support projects to expand the capacity of New Jersey’s system of community-based housing and supports to serve those with complex medical and behavioral needs, including those who are aging.

The project entitled, Finally HOME will serve to raise awareness and expectations of people with complex support needs who prefer to age in place with supports that they control and direct and that adapts with their life course.  Finally HOME will also inspire, enlighten and engage disability system partners to understand the viable and sustainable approaches and practices in supporting people with complex behavioral and medical needs and those who are aging. NJCDD has awarded a one year, $175,000.00 contract to Values Into Action, PA to carry out this work.

The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities

Partners in PolicyMaking

Partners in Policymaking, (PIP) has been part of the work of the NJCDD since 1996. Currently, the program is being provided under contract by The Boggs Center. The goal of this program is to prepare the next generation of disability advocates to work toward meaningful change in our state. Selected participants learn about best practices and important areas for advocacy from nationally-known advocates, self-advocates, experts, and professionals. This leadership development and advocacy education program for adults with developmental disabilities and family members plays a vital role in helping New Jersey to fulfill the spirit of the Developmental Disabilities and Bill of Rights Act, to “assure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the design of and have access to needed community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance that promote self-determination, independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion in all facets of community life.” The program, implemented over the course of a year, is comprised of three curricular components. 1) A monthly series; including eight in-person, intensive, weekend educational sessions. 2) Leadership Development integrated into each session, and 3) Homework assignments, including the development of an Advocacy Action Plan that will evolve throughout their participation.