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An Enhanced Family Crisis Handbook

A Behavioral Health Wellness Kit


The purpose of this expanded version of the Toolkit is to empower individuals with disabilities and their family and professional caregivers by providing information to more effectively advocate for persons with complex severe behavioral health conditions (which we formerly referred to as “dual diagnosis”) for treatments, supports, services and the conditions that promote mental wellness.

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The Revised Family Crisis Handbook 2nd Edition

Family Crisis HandbookThe goal of this project is to develop and disseminate The Revised Family Crisis Handbook for individuals and families seeking information and assistance in addressing dual diagnosis (developmental/intellectual disability and mental health). Using the July 2009 Family Crisis Handbook as a springboard, the grantee developed a list of current resources and detailed contact information.

The guide describes how to navigate the system and defines the key players and their roles in connecting families and individuals to service options. Electronic versions of the handbook and supporting materials are available below.\

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Supports Program and Community Care Program Policies and Procedures

Quick Guide for Families

A Quick Guide for Families was created and updated by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) in collaboration with the Regional Family Support Planning Councils. It includes concise summaries of DDD’s Supports and Community Care Programs.

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Printed copies can be requested using the following form here.

Due to public health emergency, requests will be fulfilled when our staff can safely return to the office. Thank you for your patience and understanding

Accessing Developmental Disability Services in New Jersey: A Resource Guide for Individuals and Their Families

Accessing Developmental Disability Services in NJ

The purpose of this guide is to provide basic information regarding how a person with a disability can access eligibility and intake for government-funded services. It is intended to assist individuals with disabilities and their families. Websites are provided when seeking additional information. Regulations and operating procedures change frequently, so the reader is encouraged to utilize the internet references supplied to obtain the most current information available.


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