The Leadership Training Support Fund

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Supporting our Advocates

At the start of each fiscal year, the NJCDD makes funding available to New Jersey residents with developmental disabilities and their families to attend conferences, seminars, and other advocacy training/information building activities. The funds are targeted to individuals with limited experience in attending such events; who can convey a strong desire to gain knowledge and training in disability advocacy; and have limited access to funding that would cover the cost of registration as well as additional expenses such as childcare, transportation, personal care, etc.

By providing this financial assistance, the Council hopes to provide increased training and information gathering opportunities for a greater number of advocates with developmental disabilities and their immediate family members, regardless of their level of income or support resources.

The fund is not designed to support regular attendance to annual conferences, and caps are per person per year. Interested individuals should apply directly to the Council and must meet certain criteria in order to receive funding.

Costs directly associated with the event (registration, travel, accommodations) or other related expenses (personal care, child care, assistive equipment) will be evaluate on a per person basis. However, the cost for personal support staff will be evaluated separately, and will not apply to the funding cap of the applicant.

Applicants must provide:

  1. Information about the event;
  2. Reasons for their interest in attending;
  3. An explanation of their financial need (ex. lack of funds to cover a train ticket, cost of registration, childcare for the day);
  4. Any other information that will help explain the need for funding and/or the value of the training opportunity

Within 30 days following the event, applicants will be required to submit a short report to the Council about their experiences in order to receive final financial reimbursement for their expenses. In the report, individuals must explain what they gained from their attendance, and how they plan to use that knowledge in their advocacy.
Interested individuals may download the application form Leadership Training Support Fund Application

All applications should be sent to
NJCDD Administrative Assistant, Jacinta Brister:
Via Email:

Via Mail:
NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities
c/o Jacinta Brister
20 West State Street, PO Box 700, Trenton, NJ 08625-0700

Via Fax:

Note: For the best chance of approval, applicants are advised to submit applications 60 days prior to the day of an event.

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