NJCDD FY-2017 Grant Opportunities

In accordance with the goals outlined in the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities’ 5-Year Plan for 2017-2021, the Council is currently accepting grant proposals in Self-Advocate and Family Member Training, Direct Support Staffing, and Special Education Advocacy. Prospective grantees may submit proposals in as few as one, or as many as all three of the areas in which grant funds are available. However, interested entities must submit a separate proposal for each area in which they would like to receive grant funding.

In order for grant proposals to be considered, prospective grantees MUST submit proposals to the NJCDD by Monday, March 6 (please see the full grant timeline outlined below). Prospective grantees will be required to fill out the NJCDD’s Grant Proposal Form for FY-2017 as well as a Budget Narrative, both of which are available to download below.

Entities who have never applied for NJCDD grants in the past are strongly encouraged to download and review the Council’s Effective Grant Writing guide and NJCDD Grant Budget Tips, both also available below, in order to ensure that new grant proposals are completed correctly and in full.

All grant proposals MUST be received by the NJCDD by 5:00pm on Monday, March 06, 2017. Proposals MUST be submitted by mail to the following:

The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities
c/o Kevin Casey, Executive Director
20 West State Street, PO Box 700
Trenton, NJ 08625-0700

Please send three (3) signed copies of each proposal submitted.

Grant Application Frequently Asked Questions

Since announcing our grant opportunities for FY-2017 on January 20th, the NJCDD has received a number of questions from organizations seeking to apply for grant funding.  In an effort to provide all prospective grantees  with equal assistance and information, the NJCDD will be posting each question, along with our response, on a single webpage to be read by all.  Please click the link below to view a list of all questions and answers relating to our current grant cycle.  And please CHECK BACK OFTEN , as we will continue to post questions and responses from now until the application deadline of Monday, March 6, 2017.

FY-2017 Grant Cycle: F.A.Q.s


NJCDD FY-2017 Grants Timeline

January 20, 2017 —– Notice of Funds Available submitted to the public
March 06, 2017 —– Grant Proposals due back to the NJCDD by 5:00pm
April 15, 2017 —– Successful proposals selected by NJCDD Grants Committee
May 25, 2017 —– Successful proposals submitted to full Council membership for final vote
May 26, 2017 —– Notice of Award sent to successful grant applicants
July 01, 2017 —– Grant funds distributed to successful grantees

FY-2017 Notice of Funds Available (PDF)
NJCDD Grant Application Instructions (PDF)
FY-2017 Grant Proposal Form (Word Doc) 
FY-2017 Grant Budget Narrative (Excel)
Effective Grant Writing (PDF)
NJCDD Grant Budget Tips (PDF)

NOTE: Although the Council only accepts Letters of Interest for new project grants on a periodic basis, Mini Grants are available for application throughout the year.

Mini Grants

The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities introduced a mini-grant process in FY-2016 to encourage new and innovative local activity that will result in meaningful benefits for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Mini Grant Application Form
Budget Tips

Self-Advocate and Family Member Advocacy Material and Training

The Council has been aware for some time about concerns from families and self-advocates that they lack information about how to navigate the various complicated systems that provide support. As a result, the Council would like to develop comprehensive information on what is available to families and self-advocates to help them get the supports they need out of the various complex systems that provide those supports in New Jersey.

The Council would like to do this in two stages; information gathering, followed by implementation of a comprehensive information system.

Direct Support Professional Advocacy

The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities is seeking grant proposals for the development and implementation of a comprehensive advocacy strategy and plan to address staffing issues within the Direct Support Profession. This Advocacy Plan will incorporate a thorough analysis of research data curated from existing studies done by advocacy organizations within the state of New Jersey and beyond regarding key aspects of the Direct Support Profession; a public awareness strategy to inform state residents of New Jersey’s critical need to increase pay, benefits, and career opportunities for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs); and a legislative education/advocacy strategy to inform lawmakers of the dire state of the Direct Support Profession and compel them to take action.

Special Education Advocacy

The Council has become concerned that families are frequently without assistance and/or knowledge of the rules when attempting to gain educational supports for their family member with a disability. They are then faced with working their way through a complex system with complex rules to get the supports they need.

The Council seeks a vendor interested in developing a system to help remediate this problem. The prospective grantee must be able to meet the following goals; Recruit, train, retain, and supervise a group of volunteer advocates who would be available to assist families as they work on gaining supports for their family member in the Special Education system.

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