• A person decides to visit a People First meeting, to see what it is like. They like the way that they see others with disabilities following parliamentary procedure, and running their own meeting. They may decide to join that chapter of People First, or they may start a new chapter closer to home.


  • Advisors are people who are not eligible to be members of People First, but who enjoy going to meetings, and working with people as they carry out the plans they have made.

Local Chapter:

  • Local chapters meet once a month. The members learn, practice, and put self -advocacy into action by working together toward goals they set at their monthly meetings.

Regional Meetings:

  • Many times people from several nearby chapters will work together at projects- projects like a week of camping, or a rally. These projects are decided upon by the members of the chapters, and vary from year to year, and from area to area.

State Meetings:

  • West Virginia has a statewide advisory committee, which is made up of 2 members elected by each local chapter. The advisory committee meets 4 times a year. The advisory committee helps arrange training for people who want to start new chapters, and hosts a statewide conference once every year.

National Meetings:

  • The United States has a national organization of People First representatives who are elected by regional vote. It is called: Self- Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE). SABE sponsors a national meeting on alternating years.

International Meetings:

  • People First has chapters worldwide. There are active chapters in Europe, Africa, Great Britain, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, and other places. A worldwide conference is held every fourth year.

Your Group:

  • People can be as active as they like, in People First. Some chapters have an email address and they receive mail from People First members worldwide on a daily