The President’s Role in a People First Meeting

  1. Leads the meetings.
  2. Asks the Secretary to take roll call or introduce each member.
  3. Asks the Secretary to read the minutes for the last meeting.
  4. Leads the talk about old business and new business.
  5. Introduces the program for the meeting.
  6. Guides the voting.
  7. Adjourns the meeting (closes the meeting.)

The Secretary’s Role in a People First Meeting

  1. Needs to be able to give the review the previous minutes and take minutes for the current meeting.
  2. If your chapter has introductions, the Secretary should check off the names as people introduce themselves.
  3. He or she reads the minutes of the last meeting. The minutes are notes of what happened at the last meeting.
  4. Takes notes of what happens in the meeting.
  5. If the President and the Vice President are absent, the Secretary leads the meeting.
  6. Should keep a list of the chapter members, their addresses and phone numbers.

The Vice President’s Role in a People First Meeting

  1. Leads the meetings when the president is absent.
  2. Helps the president in the meetings when asked.
  3. Goes to the officer’s meeting to help plan the agenda for the chapter meeting.