When decisions need to be made, there needs to be a vote.

  1. The President calls for a motion.
  2. Someone makes a motion.
  3. Someone else seconds the motion
  4. There is discussion.
  5. The president asks for everyone in favor to say “yea” or to raise
  6. his or her hand.
  7. The president asks everyone opposed to say “no” or raise his or her hand.
  8. The president announces the results.
Robert’s Rules of Order—Motion Cue Card
Motion Floor Second Debate Amend Vote
Stop the meeting
Yes Yes No No Majority
Change something
No Yes Yes Yes Majority
Call the Question
Stop talking about it
No Yes No No Two-third
Call the question
No Yes No Yes Two-third
(close, limit, Extend) talk about it
No Yes No Yes Majority
Fix time to adjourn Lay on the table
talk about it later
No Yes No No Majority
Main Motion No Yes Yes Yes Majority
Postpone to time certain
wait until Later
No Yes Yes Yes Majority
Postpone Forever No Yes Yes No Majority
take a break
No Yes No No Majority
Refer to committee No Yes Yes Yes Majority
  • Motion: Something that the board has to vote on
  • Second: Someone else has to agree to the motion
  • Debate: The motion has to be talked about
  • Amend: The motion can be changed before it is voted on
  • Majority: most of the people at a meeting

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