Guidelines for the Agenda

  1. Call to Order
    The president of the chapter calls the meeting to order.
  2. Roll Call or Introductions
    Each member says his or her own name, or it is read aloud.
  3. The Minute
    The secretary reads the minutes of the last meeting. The president asks for a motion to accept the minutes as read. The members vote.
  4. The Treasurer’s Report
    The treasurer gives a report about money—where the money is going and how much money is coming in and how much money is in the bank.
  5. Old Business
    The president discusses the old business. These are things that have been talked about before, but they are not done. Sometimes the president will ask for committee reports at this time.
  6. New business
    The president leads a discussion of new business. These are ideas that have not been talked about before.
  7. Announcements
    This is the portion of the meeting when people can make announcements about their own news, or news of interest to all of the members. The president will remind members of upcoming events.
  8. The Program
    This time is to learn new things or do an activity together. There may be a guest speaker, a video, a project, or just a discussion on a topic of interest to the members of the People First chapter.
  9. Adjourn meeting
    The president taps the gavel, and adjourns the meeting.
  10. Refreshments
    Many People First groups bring snacks to share after the meeting. This is a social time during which members just talk and relax together.