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NJCDD FY-2018 Grant Opportunities

The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities’ 5-Year Plan for 2017-2021 are processing Disability Transportation proposals submitted to the NJCDD by Monday, March 19, 2018Please check the timeline for NOTICE of Award.

NJCDD FFY-2018 Disability Transportation Grant Timeline

February 02, 2018   Notice of Funds Available submitted to the public
March 19, 2018        Grant Proposals due back to the NJCDD by 3:00pm
April 15, 2018           Successful proposals selected by NJCDD Grants Committee
May 24, 2018            Successful proposals submitted to full Council membership for final vote
May 25, 2018            Notice of Award sent to successful grant applicants
July 01, 2018             Grant funds distributed to successful grantee

Grant Application Questions

In an effort to provide equal assistance to all grant applicants, the NJCDD will address any questions submitted by prospective grantees and provide answers on the
Grant Application Questions page.

Any questions relating to the NJCDD’s FY-2018 grant forms or the grant process in general may be submitted in writing to the NJCDD’s Grants Manager, Frank Latham, at

Mini Grants

The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities introduced a mini-grant process to encourage new and innovative local activity that will result in meaningful benefits for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Download forms

Mini Grant Application Form

Disability Transportation Advocacy

The NJCDD is seeking proposals for the development and implementation of a comprehensive advocacy strategy, including the development of training and materials, to address the current weaknesses in the system of transportation for people with disabilities.

Assess statewide training and information available for families and advocates in the area of transportation. Advocate statewide for clear policies based on the principle that transportation should be available, including State, County, City and Private Sector to accommodate the lives and needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Implementation Targets
Using information gathered and developed in prior Council projects; assess the current state of transportation for people with disabilities in New Jersey.

Develop and implement a transportation advocacy plan with a goal of measurably improving transportation availability to accommodate the lives of adults with physical, behavioral, and/or intellectual disabilities; and students with disabilities who are transitioning into adult life.  The advocacy plan must include the active participation of families and self-advocates.

Develop material and training for families that will enable them to advocate for themselves in the New Jersey transportation system.  All materials developed and training delivered must also be developed and available for presentation in Spanish and at least one other language commonly used in New Jersey, with input and approval.  All material and presentations must also be developed and delivered in accessible formats.

The NJCDD will accept proposals with budgets up to $100,000

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