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Welcome to the NJCDD

Since its establishment in 1971, the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities has pursued its mandate to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families become empowered advocates and participate in the design of services and supports. The Council also works to fulfill its vision that people with developmental disabilities participate as full citizens in all aspects of self-directed lives in their neighborhoods and communities.

Our Vision

That all individuals with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to be active members of their community; to set real goals and make their own choices; and to exercise the same rights, privileges, responsibilities, and opportunities that any other New Jersey resident enjoys.

NJCDD’s 5 Year State Plan for 2011-2016

In keeping with state and federal mandates, the NJCDD operates in five-year cycles, with operational goals and objectives outlined in the Council’s 5 Year State Plan. This official document contains details on Council membership, general information about research findings, a listing of Council priority areas and activities for the plan cycle, required assurances, and basic financial information on Council allocations.

What's New at the NJCDD

People & Families Magazine Winter 2015

The NJCDD is happy to present the Winter 2015 Issue of People & Families Magazine
Professionals Guiding Families Through the Transition to Preschool Giving them the Support they Need

Notice of Deadline Change for 2015 Grant Opportunities
The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities will be accepting letters of interest from now until January 20, 2015. For more details about these grant opportunities visit the NJCDD's Grants Page.


At the NJCDD.org we are now a speech-enabed website using the power of ReadSpeaker text to speech to give a voice to our websites, articles, materials, documents, and more!  To Learn more go to https://njcdd.org/home/readspeaker

Have you participated in any of the NJCDD's meetings, events, or programs? If so, we want to hear from you! Please help us determine the effectiveness of our programs and services by completing our short Stakeholder Survey.

peoplefirst whatsnewThe NJCDD is excited to announce the launch of its newest disability advocacy project.  Joining the international grassroots movement known as People First, we’re working with self advocates to establish a new disability rights organization in New Jersey, solely lead and maintained by individuals with disabilities.  Get ready for PEOPLE FIRST NEW JERSEY

NJ is My Home Too!

The NJCDD needs your help to voice support for community inclusion for all individuals with developmental disabilities and to help raise understanding among lawmakers and residents about the benefits of closing institutions.

Visit the NJ is My Home Too page for more information and to learn how you can get involved.

Attention Family & Advocates

Disability In Focus

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Disability inFocus Presenting Facts. Sharing ViUsually to get the image centred on the page. Image Description	ews. Starting Conversations The NJCDD has launched a new blog!  Visit Disability In Focus each week to get the latest news and views from around the state and across the country about our developmental disabilities communities.  And be sure to join in the conversation by sharing your own views on the topics we discuss. We can’t wait to hear from you! Click here to visit!

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