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Nominations are Now Being Accepted for the 2022 Community Building Awards  Access the Nomination Form The Application Deadline is June 17, 2022

Share your views on our newest blog post: Forced Poverty Does Not Help The Disability Community NJCDD Disability in Focus.

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Volume 3, 2021 Caught in the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Bring advocates together to work toward protecting and advancing the rights, opportunities, and service systems for people with I/DD in our state

Self Advocates

A variety of resources, training, and contact information are available from the NJCDD for individuals with developmental disabilities

Family Members

Family Support organizes events, training, and offers support to parents, siblings, and guardians of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

NJCDD Grants

Get access to NJCDD resources, training, and contact information.


Get access to NJCDD resources, training, and contact information.

About the NJCDD

Connect with the NJCDD resources, training, and contact information.

NJCDD Events

For training and awareness, NJCDD offers events, disability news, press releases, and videos.


NJCDD publications highlight the changes made by organizations, and programs for individuals with disabilities.

Covid-19 Info

Facts and resources about COVID-19 for people with disabilities.

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