The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities has modified an existing contract with The Arc of New Jersey in response to the current COVID-19 Pandemic. The Arc of NJ will be processing requests from any individuals with I/DD, their families and any qualified community-based organizations that provide supports to people with developmental disabilities, who are affected by the statewide Coronavirus response. Beneficiaries must be New Jersey residents.

Funds must be used to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities and/or their families and promote health, activity and engagement with family, friends and peers, alleviate anxiety due to social distancing, and/or increase positive shared experiences. Applicants are required to exhaust other available sources of funding before submitting an application. What do people need now due to social distancing, quarantine, or self-imposed isolation that is not available from current supports and services? How will people remain engaged with their friends and family?

What will be funded?

-Activities to remain engaged during social distancing;
-Items that alleviate anxiety due to social distancing (technology/internet access); and,
-Other items needed for people experiencing social isolation and access to health care.

Funds will be made available for requests that assist one individual/family or multiple individuals/families.  Requests are expected to range on average from $250 to $500 per request as approved by the Arc of New Jersey, in consultation with the Council.  Agencies submitting requests for multiple individuals/families can combine requests into one application while providing individual/family level detail.

For information about the funding opportunity, we encourage you to read the Grant Policy, FAQ and other documents in this notice.  The application and budget forms must be completed and submitted to the following email address: MPearson@arcnj.org

Application Requirements:

1. Provide a brief summary (not to exceed a few sentences) of items you intend to purchase with grant funds and the purpose of the purchases (enhanced access to health care, socialization, anxiety reduction, decreased isolation).

2. Briefly explain the need and gap in services, and how the funds will help meet the need or address the gap in services.

3. How many people with I/DD or families will benefit from the items you intend to purchase? Include the ages and type of disability for each recipient.

4. Describe expected outcomes: What will happen as a result of the grant purchases? (ex. % of time spent engaged in activity, decrease in aggressive behavior, increase in adaptive behavior, and increase in reciprocal communication /meaningful engagement with peers)

5. How will you demonstrate and report that you achieved your outcomes: How will you know you were successful? (For example, how will you gather the data? Through surveys, direct observation, individuals’ self- reports?)

6. Who will be responsible for managing the purchase and use of funds for your organization (N/A for individual or family requests)?

7. Where and when do you intend to purchase the needed items? Will you need the assistance of the Arc of NJ to make this purchase? Can you commit to making needed purchases within 10 days of grant approval? Note: receipts of purchase must be maintained and provided to The Arc New Jersey.

Grant Policy:  Funding Opportunities for Individuals with I/DD, their Families and Qualified Providers of Services and Supports for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities,

Background & Purpose: COVID-19 is a disease caused by a respiratory virus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019. COVID-19 is a new virus that hasn’t caused illness in humans before. Worldwide, COVID-19 has resulted in thousands of infections, causing widespread illness.

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented responses by federal, state, and local governments that impact the lives of all New Jersians, including people with developmental disabilities and their families. Specifically, the pandemic has resulted in statewide requirements to engage in social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine. As a result, all New Jersey providers were required to close day programs, instituted shelter in place rules, and took other actions necessary to protect the health and safety of the people with developmental disabilities. As a result, more people will be isolated, away from friends and family, and many interactions people normally engage in have or will cease.

These changes are very difficult for many people to understand.  Having a change in access to medical care, a long-standing routine, limits on preferred activities, social isolation from friends and loved ones, and increased restrictions of movement are major sources of anxiety for many and particularly for people who have difficulty understanding the rationale behind the changes.  Certain technology such as electronic devices and internet access helps to maintain connection to health professionals, family and friends.  Certain activities can promote socialization, lessen feelings of isolation, and help pass the time.  Relaxation aids such as aromatherapy, tactile and proprioceptive aids such as vibrating items and weighted blankets, visual items such as books, movies and video games, auditory items such as musical instruments; all help to maintain and promote socialization and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Maintain Health, Safety and Engagement during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This opportunity is possible with funds provided by the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities and is open to individuals with I/DD, their families and qualified community-based organizations that provide supports to people with developmental disabilities who have been affected by the statewide Coronavirus response.

Ultimately, this initiative seeks to identify effective strategies that people with developmental disabilities, families, and provider agencies can institute to ensure people continue to access health care, engage with family and friends during this period of social distancing and isolation. Funds are available to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families during this pandemic.

The Arc of New Jersey is tasked with soliciting, reviewing, and awarding applications to individuals with I/DD, their families and qualified community-based organizations interested in purchasing items, such as those listed in this notice, to be used by people with disabilities and their families during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Items considered for funding include but are not limited to:

  • Activities to remain engaged during social distancing, such as, but not limited to, board games, game consoles, word-search books, art supplies, and puzzles;
  • Items that alleviate anxiety due to social distancing, such as vibrating items, bean bag chairs, weighted blankets, aroma-therapy items, tactile stimulation, and other sensory-need items; and,
  • Items that connect individuals to health care, family and friends such as electronics, internet access and other items needed for people experiencing social isolation.

Items may be purchased for a single recipient or for use by more than one individual and are intended to promote increased access to health care supports, socialization, anxiety-reduction, and increase positive shared experiences.  Funding shall be awarded for proposals on average of $250 to $500 as approved for funding by The Arc of New Jersey, in consultation with the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities.

The Arc New Jersey and the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities will be available to answer questions throughout the course of this funding initiative.  Questions can be addressed via email to  MPearson@arcnj.org and Grants@Njcdd.org

If you are unable to email, please call  or fax Michael Pearson, Jr. at (732) 246-4897 and leave a message with your question, name, organization, spelling of your email address and phone number.

The Arc of New Jersey and New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities, through its solicitation attempts, shall endeavor to secure state-wide impact of the fund, and shall make awards throughout the state.

What is the average Funding Award Amount?   It is anticipated that the average grant award amount is expected to be between $250 and $500 per individual per applicant, depending on the request submitted, impact and demonstrated need.

When is the Request for Funding Proposals open and when is the deadline for proposals? Funding requests will be opened in order of submission.  Deadline for requests is April 15, 2020, subject to extension and funding availability.

When will decisions be made and awardees notified?   Applicants will be notified via email within 72 hours of receipt of a completed application.

For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, the Arc of New Jersey will directly purchase the item(s) approved or coordinate the individual/family direct purchase.  Provider agencies will be reimbursed and/or paid directly within 30 days for the approved funding.

How will decisions be made about proposals? All complete proposals received will be properly considered and evaluated for adherence to guidelines.

Are there any restrictions on use of funds? Incomplete proposals will not be considered until all criteria is met.  All required attachments must be submitted with proposals for them to be considered complete.

Who is eligible to apply? Individuals with I/DD and their families and qualified community-based organizations that are supporting people with disabilities as they shelter in place.

How do you submit the Funding proposal? Funding applications and all attachments must be submitted electronically to MPearson@arcnj.org no later than 5 PM on April 15th, subject to an extension.

What is the time period for the grant project, activity, training or event proposed? As this is an emergency funding request, it is expected that items will be purchased with grant funds within 10 days of funding receipt. Funding awards are non-recurring with no opportunity for renewal from the Arc of New Jersey.

What agreements are required for funding and what are the reporting requirements? Funding recipients will be required to complete all documents included with the application process for the use of the funding, as well as a contract for the use of the funding.  The contract requires one final report with final valid receipts.

How are grant funds distributed? Direct purchases or the Arc of New Jersey coordination of purchases on behalf of individuals and families will be made as soon as practical after funding approval.  Agency approved funding shall be paid within 30 days of a complete report and reimbursement request with receipts.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this opportunity or the grant process? Please contact Michael Pearson, Jr. at the Arc of New Jersey via email at MPearson@arcnj.org If you are unable to reach Michael Pearson, Jr., please email grants@njcdd.org or (for emergencies) call 732-246-4897.

This project is supported in part by grant number CFDA 93.630, from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201. Grantees undertaking projects with government sponsorship are encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Points of view or opinions do not, therefore, necessarily represent official ACL policy.

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