An Advocacy Story

An-Advocacy-Story-By Kevin G. Nunez, NJCDD Council MemberBy Kevin G. Nunez, NJCDD Council Member Let me tell you a little bit about myself so you understand why I am writing this blog post. My name is Kevin G. Nuñez I am a thirty-year-old Puerto ... Read more

News Media Struggle to Empathize with Oppression of People with Disabilities

News-Media-Struggle-to-Empathize-with-Oppression-of-People-with-DisabilitiesBy: Jeremy Einbinder A notable problem for the disability community is that we often do not get to be the center of our own stories, whether they are wonderful or tragic.  One of the ... Read more

Key Take-Aways from the Assembly Budget Committee Hearing


Key Take-Aways from Department of Human Services Commissioner Carole Johnson’s Testimony to the Assembly Budget Committee Hearing on May 14

By: Bob Titus, NJCDD Public Policy Coordinator Committee Chair: ... Read more

Work Requirements for Medicaid Would Put the Disability Community in Danger

Work Requirements for Medicaid Would Put the Disability Community in Danger-01By: Jeremy Einbinder One of the most comprehensive government programs in the United ... Read more

The Americans With Disabilities Act is in Serious Trouble

The-Americans-With-Disabilities-Act-is-in-Serious-Trouble In a previous post, the council explored the potential effects of the ADA Reform and Education Act, a proposed law which recently passed the House of Representatives. Now that the bill is ... Read more

Major Tax Cuts Leave The Disability Community Shortchanged

By: Jeremy Einbinder NJCDD-Disability in Focus Blog-Major-Tax-Cuts-Leave-The-Disability-Community-Shortchanged With 2018 underway, the Trump administration continues to celebrate the passage of the first major tax reform in ... Read more

The Voting Rights Of Citizens with Disabilities Are Undermined Far Too Often

The Voting Rights Of Citizens with Disabilities Are Undermined Far Too OftenThere are many ways in which it is important for people with disabilities to participate in society, and governments, and the general public have made some strides toward full inclusion. As stated ... Read more

Barriers to the Workforce Especially Apparent For Applicants with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities are known to have difficulties finding employment at a higher rate than their non-disabled counterparts, and despite visible efforts to get a class of people who urgently need work to be employed, it’s harder than it might seem. Read more

The Annual NJCDD Election Questionnaire

The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities Disability in focus Blog Announcing our new blog post NJCDD Annual New Jersey's Gubernatorial Candidates Election Questionnaire Kim Guadagno Phil Murphy Tuesday November 7 2017 VOTEOn Tuesday, November 07, New Jersey voter will choose our next governor.  ... Read more

Uber Lawsuit Claims Wheelchair Users Deserve Convenient Transportation

By: Jeremy Einbinder In what could be a big win for the disability rights movement, a non-profit activist group filed a class action lawsuit in July alleging that the popular ride-sharing app, Uber, discriminates against wheelchair users. "Having grown ... Read more