Proposed ADA “Reform” Would Go In The Wrong Direction

By: Jeremy Einbinder

As this blog has previously explored, the disability rights movement has seen both victories and setbacks. Progress has undoubtedly been made.  There’s no question that the Americans With Disabilities Act, in effect since ... Read more

People with Disabilities Are Under Attack

Disability in Focus blog post: People-with-Disabilities-Are-Under-Attack-blogimageBy: Kevin Nuñez I believe that all citizens with disabilities and their families are natural advocates by default. We learn fast that we need to advocate for ... Read more

The Disability Rights Movement Has Scored Some Legislative Achievements, But We’re Not Nearly Done

The-Disability-Rights-Movement-Has-Scored-Some-Legislative-Achievements,-But-Were-Not-Nearly-Done-ThumbnailBy: Jeremy Einbinder To have disabilities in a world which is naturally inclined to exclude people ... Read more

The World of a Direct Support Professional

Disability In Focus Blog The New Jersey County of Developmental DisabilitiesThe World of a Direct Support Professional-Disabilty in FocusBY: Kevin Nunez; NJCDD Council Member I wanted to raise awareness to a very big problem in our world ... Read more

Freedom For People With Developmental Disabilities Starts With Being Aware Of Their Struggle

Freedom-For-People-With-Developmental-Disabilities-Starts-With-Being-Aware-Of-Their-Struggle-BlogImageBy: Jeremy Einbinder Disability in general is a widely prevalent, yet seldom acknowledged phenomenon. The ... Read more

Children with Disabilities Must Retain Equal Access to Education

Children with Disabilities Must Retain Equal Access to Educationby: Jeremy Einbinder It's well established that the rights of people with disabilities can be heavily tied to public policy and government activity.  People with ... Read more

Disabilities and The Labor Force: Where Do We Fit In?

Written By: Jeremy Einbinder There are many milestones in adult life that are considered hallmarks of being a “grown up”, and one of those stages of life is financial independence. The idea of being self-sufficient is a romanticized notion in society, one which ... Read more

What is it That Disables People?

Disability in Focus BlogWhat is it That Disable People-02

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Disability Gains An Adequate Voice On Primetime Television

disability-in-focus-blog-speechless-disability-gains-an-adequate-voice-on-primetime-televisionIn a media landscape that so rarely includes characters with disabilities in a vast array of narratives, it’s certainly ... Read more

In Disability Narrative, Making The Audience Comfortable Shouldn’t be a Requirement

Disability in Focus Blog in Disability Narrative Making The Audience-comfortable Shouldnt Be A RquirementThe culture surrounding disability is a somewhat foreign one, which the mainstream, non-disabled (or “able-bodied”) ... Read more