Children with Disabilities Must Retain Equal Access to Education

Children with Disabilities Must Retain Equal Access to Educationby: Jeremy Einbinder It's well established that the rights of people with disabilities can be heavily tied to public policy and government activity.  People with ... Read more

Disabilities and The Labor Force: Where Do We Fit In?

Written By: Jeremy Einbinder There are many milestones in adult life that are considered hallmarks of being a “grown up”, and one of those stages of life is financial independence. The idea of being self-sufficient is a romanticized notion in society, one which ... Read more

What is it That Disables People?

Disability in Focus BlogWhat is it That Disable People-02

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Disability Gains An Adequate Voice On Primetime Television

disability-in-focus-blog-speechless-disability-gains-an-adequate-voice-on-primetime-televisionIn a media landscape that so rarely includes characters with disabilities in a vast array of narratives, it’s certainly ... Read more

In Disability Narrative, Making The Audience Comfortable Shouldn’t be a Requirement

Disability in Focus Blog in Disability Narrative Making The Audience-comfortable Shouldnt Be A RquirementThe culture surrounding disability is a somewhat foreign one, which the mainstream, non-disabled (or “able-bodied”) ... Read more

Inside a State Transition Plan Public Hearing

public hearingThe Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) sponsored three “listening” sessions on the State Transition Plan (STP) as mandated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) during the first two weeks of August. The submission of ... Read more

Sex Education: An Effective Way for Young Adults with All Types of Disabilities to Remain out of the Criminal Justice System

By: Kelly Stout, Transitional Specialist The Arc CARES Program - The Arc of New Jersey Even though they may learn differently, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are intelligent in their own way. Therefore, I believe people with disabilities have the right to learn about sex education. For people with disabilities, there are many benefits to learning about sex education:

Parents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)

by Alison Lozano I am clearing out my office in preparation to retire at the end of January. During that process I have discovered many pieces of paper that I have not looked at in many years, most of them are being deposited in the recycling bin. However, while accomplishing that clearing out task I found one important document that unfortunately I have not looked at in several years, my dissertation. In 2000 I presented my dissertation to the faculty of the ... Read more

What Are We Waiting for? Waiting Lists and Community Infrastructure

by Norman Reim What Are We Waiting For? Waiting Lists and Community Infrastructure There are still waiting lists for residential supports for people with developmental disabilities. We say we don’t like the fact that they are waiting. We should be even more concerned about the systemic problems in the broader systems of support they are waiting for. According to a report from UCP national released earlier this year there are 268.000 ... Read more

Case Management and the Loss of a ‘Personal Touch’

by Alison Lozano I am an "old world" social worker and possibly that is why I have some real concerns about how the practice of social work has lost ground over the past few years, in particular as it relates to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The changes have come about slowly as the social service system has shifted away from social workers being on the front lines of direct services for families and towards case management ... Read more