Forced Poverty Does Not Help The Disability Community

Forced-Poverty-Does-Not-Help-the-Disability-Community By Jeremy Einbinder People with disabilities remain one of the poorest demographics, and poverty in general is a huge problem. It’s no secret that the minimum wages across the US are insufficient in order to live a comfortable, independent ... Read more

How and Why Disability Bias Remains Pervasive

How-and-Why-Disability-Bias-Remains-Pervasive By Jeremy Einbinder The ways in which people with disabilities are discriminated against in society range from subtle to egregious. All different structures exist in the world that are built unconsciously for neurotypical and able-bodied people. As with any ... Read more

There Are No Fully Accessible Living Environments. What Can Be Done?

There-Are-No-Fully-Accessible-Living-Environments-What-Can-Be-Done0 by Jeremy Einbinder People with disabilities live in a world that is not made for them. They travel (or don’t) in cities and towns that are not made for them, they enter or are barred from entering ... Read more

Community Support, General Welfare, and the Issue of Autonomy

Community-Support,-General-Welfare,-and-the-Issue-of-Autonomy By Jeremy Einbinder Many facets of life could help ensure equality and equity for people with disabilities, and one of the most fundamental is home and community-based care. Given the prevailing tendency in disability rights ... Read more

Universal Design

Universal DesignHow TechnologyArchitectureand Social Infrastructure Can Account For Individual Differences-02By Jeremy Einbinder One of the ways in which people with disabilities might known that a product is easy to intuitively use or ... Read more

Where Are The Advocates?

Where are The Advocates by Kevin Nuñez Hello readers as always, I wish this brings a smile to your face for a few minutes a day. This blog post has a very specific target aud ience, if you are or know someone living with a developmental disability. Please share this with them. To my fellow Advocates: Allow me to introduce ... Read more

Does The Economy Work For People With Disabilities?

Does-The-Economy-Work-For-People-With-Disabilities By Jeremy Einbinder Robyn D. Shulman of Forbes Magazine recently wrote an article titled “How People With Disabilities Help The Economy,” which was somehow both flattering and dehumanizing.  There is a tendency for news coverage relating to ... Read more

The Causes of Disability: Analyzing The Social Model

The Causes of Disability: Analyzing The Social Model By Jeremy Einbinder People with disabilities face obstacles that are unique compared to the rest of the population, as well as unique among themselves. Everyone faces different struggles in life, and people with disabilities face additional struggles ... Read more

The COVID-19 Pandemic Disproportionately Impacts People with Disabilities

The COVID-19 Pandemic Disproportionately Impacts People with Disabilities By Jeremy Einbinder If there is one issue that is uniting people in every part of the world right now, it is the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an issue which affects not only the health of the human species the world over, but also the global ... Read more

Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability, Technology and Social Infrastructure

Nothing-About-Us-Without-Us--Disability,-Technology-and-Social-Infrastructure By Jeremy Einbinder Technology has improved many lives over the course of history, and the lives of people with disabilities may be especially improved. It may also backfire. People with ... Read more