New Jersey Is My Home Too

Calling All Advocates Join the NJCDD in Supporting the Closure of Developmental Centers in New Jersey!

People with developmental disabilities have the right to live, work, and thrive alongside other residents in their communities. They expect to have access to all of the supports and services they need within the neighborhoods where they choose to live. They should not be faced with having to live in large, segregated institutions just to receive the medical, behavioral, housing, or other supports that they need.

New Jersey is their home too!

Last summer, a task force appointed by the NJ Legislature and the Governor ruled that two of the state’s seven developmental centers would close within the next five years. As a result of these closings, many institution residents will finally be able to transition into the community, and the operational costs saved from no longer maintaining these large facilities will free up funding for the expansion of community housing and support services that thousands of NJ residents with I/DD and their families desperately want and need.

However, there has been push back from a small number of families of institution residents, as well as developmental center employees, who feel that these closures would bring about negative consequences for residents, families, and communities. These families and employees have made a significant effort to convince lawmakers and the public that the task force’s decision should be overturned, and the centers should remain open.

To help raise understanding among lawmakers and residents about the benefits of closing institutions and to challenge the claims made by those who wish to keep them open, the NJCDD is calling on individuals and family members to voice their support for community inclusion for all individuals with developmental disabilities.

Closing Institutions

Below, you will find a number of resources, which you can use to reach out to key decision makers, members of the media, and fellow citizens to express your support for closing institutions.

Closing the Institutions: Main Arguments
A list of key reasons why closing institutions is the right move for New Jersey, including important information to back up each statement

Sharing Your Views: A Guide for Family Advocates
This simple guide can help families who wish to reach out to decision makers and community leaders directly via phone, email, mail, or in person to get their message across about why the closure of institutions is so important to their families and their loved ones.

Dear Representative: A Letter to Your Elected Officials
This sample letter to an elected official can be customized with your own personal story and views and should be sent to your representatives on the federal, state, and local level

Find Your State Legislator

Find Your Federal Representatives

County Representatives

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